About us

3A Empire Limited was fully incorporated in Nigeria on 14th January, 2019 with registration number (1552524) , as a hundred percent owned indigenous  company for Real Estate, Estate Management, Engineering, Construction and  Manufacturers representatives going concern. The company has effectively been  providing support services to the oil and gas sector. In conjunction with  reputable affiliates and specialists, the company undertakes integrated services covering Designs, Engineering, Procurement and Construction, what might be termed D.E.P.C. The designs includes both architectural, civil and mechanical while procurement cut across the areas of the company’s operation -Engineering and construction as well as logistics.

We made holistic and good team management, by rendering such services as
designing the structure, geotechnical design and stylish, the raft construction
and actual execution of projects. Under listed are the qualitative services:
1. Real Estate
2. Estate Management
3. Building /Road construction
4. Highway Engineering
5. Architectural / Engineering Design
6. Hydrographic works
7. Geotechnical works
8. Waste/water management
9. Environmental Engineering Services
10. Marine Transportation (Tug boat & Barges)

Vision Statement

To be one of the leading Dredging, Shore Protection, Supply, Engineering Construction & Manufacturer’s Representatives companies in Africa.


To maximize client’s satisfaction by sharing entity specific solutions through our highly skilled people.

Our History

Within our short, but eventful history we have in response to our ever-growing  areas of operations and specializations recruited and nurtured specialists who  handle with remarkable expertise, the above – named areas of operations. These
include engineers, technicians, etc.

Our high-brow manpower stock is one of our greatest strength and is a  credential that we are very proud of, aware as we are, of the import of highly  trained and efficient manpower to project implementation in sectors that are highly skill-intensive.

Manpower development became a major policy at 3A Empire Limited, only  the best of the best is recruited. And besides their enviable qualification and credentials, they were trained on the job. We have come to realize that every job has its own peculiar challenges, and that no one job, no matter how similar their designs may be, is the same. In view of  this we give every job unique attention and never equate it or dismiss it as any   other we have handled, be it the same kind in terms of specifications.


Basically we are a civil engineering, architectural and construction firm engaged
in the areas of:
 Town Planning
 Engineering
 Procurement
 Construction
 Fabrication
 Manpower development and supply
 Marine transportation
 Electrical Instrumentation
 Rural Electrification and street lighting
 Environmental services and management
 Supply

We undertake the following engineering
• Architectural
• Structural
• Electrical
• Mechanical
• Marine


We hope to by the turn of the millennium, considerably:

  1. Create more employment opportunities for Nigerians
  2. Reduce our operational overheads by adopting cost – effective
    management of our resources and annual turnover
  3. Reduce significantly our liabilities
  4. Acquire more fixed and non-fixed assets (re: machinery and tools)
  5. Improve our clientele
  6. Diversify significantly into other areas of interest to the company
  7. Increase our joint venture holdings and foreign technical partnership.
  8. Invest in other sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing and
  9. Opening more regional/branch offices
  10. Acquire more fixed and non-fixed assets (re: machinery and tools)
  11. Improve our clientele
  12. Diversify significantly into other areas of interest to the company


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